New X-yachts X5⁶ - Long-awaited 2021 release from X-Yachts shipyard

X-Yachts X5⁶ is a new 17m cruising yacht designed for long journeys, whether it be crossing the Atlantic or exploring the beautiful Mediterranean islands.

The philosophy of X-Yachts is always meticulous attention to detail in order to fully provide the owner with a comfortable sailing experience. In the outlines of X5⁶, this approach can be traced in every element.

The hull of the yacht is made of fiberglass fiber and epoxy resin with subsequent baking of the structure at 70 degrees. This manufacturing technology provides maximum strength and rigidity to the body and significantly reduces weight. The fact that the case is baked for 24 hours at not only optimizes material properties, but also minimizes the risk of darker colored case surfaces fading and losing quality.

The interior design with hatches and wide side windows allows for excellent lighting in the interior.

X-Yachts offers a variety of Scandinavian oak finishes. The assortment includes a large number of options for upholstered furniture.

The first X5⁶ model will be launched in 2021.

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Publication date: April 12, 2020.

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