The construction of a new yacht is a separate process, which, in the case of a spontaneous or not fully thought out / analyzed decision, can turn into frustration and stress when operating an already built yacht, and sometimes often during the construction phase.

The lack of in-depth analysis at the stage of choosing a shipyard is one of the most common mistakes, even for experienced shipowners.

The next moment may be the signing of a contract for the construction of a ship that is unprofitable for the customer, in which a priori there are many pitfalls, such as the schedule and type of payments, and many other things that can seriously spoil the mood of the customer. Of course, over the past decade, the yacht market has become more structured and the leading shipyards do not allow themselves to outright scam, but you have to keep your ears open!



What are the functions of accompanying the construction of the yacht provided by Premium Yachts:

  • Conducting a market survey with the organization of customer visits to shipyards;

  • Involvement of specialized lawyers in the analysis of shipbuilding contracts offered by shipyards;

  • Involvement of specialized surveyors in the construction process on the basis of a tender for the provision of services;

  • Correspondence (daily communications with the shipyard and other parties involved in the process) and compilation of an archive of documentation for all stages of construction;

  • Performing other tasks of the customer, including finding and attracting design bureaus, as well as suppliers of other services;

  • And much more…

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