Eternal doubts: does it make sense to build a new yacht? maybe it is better to buy a used yacht? or to rebuild an existing yacht and bring it into full view of design and comfort for yourself and your family? - this is a purely personalized decision, it is difficult and sometimes incorrect to give advice, but we are ready to prepare for you a matrix of factors "pros and cons", which will help you make the right decision for you. Basically, always at the forefront of the proportion of the feasibility of costs / "price issue", taking into account the losses in the subsequent sale of the yacht.



What is a refit?

If the option to carry out a refit is chosen, then this solution in some cases gives more freedom than building a new yacht, because some shipyards are extremely reluctant to satisfy the customer's super-individual requests (deep customization of the yacht), preferring to follow the already beaten path of following the worked out project documentation, which in truth has well-reasoned justifications in a number of cases.



What are the functions of the yacht refit escort provided by Premium Yachts:

  • Providing the customer with an overview of the refit market (Southern or Northern Europe, Turkey, China) with the possibility of holding a tender in order to obtain the most effective price offer;

  • Involvement of specialized lawyers in the analysis of contracts offered by the shipyards for work on the refit of the yacht

  • Involvement of specialized surveyors in the refit process on the basis of a tender for the provision of services;

  • Correspondence and compilation of an archive of documentation for all stages of the refit;

  • Performing other tasks of the customer, including finding and attracting design bureaus, as well as suppliers of other services;

  • And much more…



Premium Yachts has been working in the yacht and superyacht refit segment since 2010, and during this time, a number of large complex works have been carried out, including the reconstruction of part of the interior and technical re-equipment, as well as a complete repainting of the hull and superstructure, not to mention such "little things" as the replacement of furniture and some equipment.

Why Premium Yachts?
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