As the knowledgeable say:

"The second happy moment of the ship owner is the sale of the yacht"



We help our clients to achieve their goals in the best possible way. The experts of our company will help to estimate the market value of your yacht by examining the technical condition and analyzing the market. A correctly determined yacht value and a correct sales strategy are the key to meeting the seller's interests. Selling a yacht becomes a game of roulette according to your rules.

If necessary, Premium Yachts helps yacht owners prepare yachts for sale, which helps them sell them at higher prices.



Modern internet platforms and various technologies allow us to carry out targeted searches for future buyers of your yacht. Also, many years of accumulated experience makes it possible to use extensive agency and partnership relations to quickly deliver information about your yacht to remote buyers not only in Europe, but also far beyond its borders, which significantly increases the reach of the target audience and accelerates the completion of the transaction.

If you want to increase the size of your existing yacht, or when you request to purchase a new model instead of the existing one, our company can selectively consider the option of trade-in your yacht as a part of the cost payment, providing more flexible terms of purchase.

Why Premium Yachts?
16 years of experience in the European and Russian markets
The first Russian company to enter the European market
Full range of services in the yacht market
Qualified and experienced staff
High level of personalized customer service
Customer focus