Sirena Yachts

Yachts of the SIRENA MARINE shipyard (Turkey) are designed for long voyages, therefore all models of the SIRENA shipyard are properly equipped and certified for cruises without restrictions on the sailing areas. Only the first persons of the world yachting industry take part in their creation, such as design bureaus Cor D. Rover / Tommaso Spadolini / Frers Naval Architecture & Engineering. The buildings are designed by the Wolfson Unit studio. All SIRENA yachts are distinguished by excellently calculated hydrodynamics, which, in combination with the vertical stem, allow them to achieve high speeds with significant fuel efficiency. The perfect balance of form and content!

Solaris Power

Inspired by Norberto Ferretti himself, this Italian shipyard builds stylish lobster boats ranging in length from 14.5 to 27 meters. Among them there are models with an open deck, yachts with a hardtop and an enclosed saloon, as well as flybridge boats. Each model is infused with Italian grace. SOLARIS POWER is one of the few shipyards that actively applies the most modern technologies, while paying tribute to the long tradition of shipbuilding. Many parts and processes are still produced and controlled by hand. SOLARIS POWER boats are economical, stable and comfortable at high speeds due to their well-thought-out naval architecture.


The Italian shipyard ANVERA YACHTS, founded by experienced water racers and engineers from leading shipyards, produces designer high-speed power boats / RIBs with various types of propeller drives and built entirely of carbon fiber, thus achieving a record low weight of these comfortable RIBs, which is very has a positive effect on fuel consumption. The first boat under the ANVERA brand was launched in 2015, it was ANVERA 55. The dockyard models at anchor, thanks to the folding sides, provide their owners with generous spaces for relaxation, socializing and sunbathing - much larger than most competitors can offer.


The Italian shipbuilding company OTAM was founded in 1954. The OTAM fleet currently offers luxury sports motor yachts ranging in length from 45 feet to 100 feet. Speed and striking design. Depending on the model, OTAM yachts reach speeds of up to 58 knots, are easy to handle and maneuverable, thanks to the harmonious combination of hull shape, partially submerged Arneson propellers and balanced weight distribution. OTAM prides itself on the performance of its yachts - at a cruising speed of 40 knots, an OTAM yacht consumes no more than 10 liters of fuel per mile on average.


Absolutely new for the shipyard X-Yachts (Denmark), the direction of production of motor boats was launched in 2020 and was marked by the launch of the first model X-Power 33C under the name Red Baron, consonant with the nickname of the famous ace pilot. The X-Power 33C is based on the same principles of the X-Yachts shipyard's sailing direction: speed and safety on the water, the pleasure of driving and owning a boat. According to the results of sea tests, the X-Power 33C showed excellent stability and a comfortable ride.​The patented Peterstep body with a longitudinal redan makes the X-Power 33C smooth and easy to operate, while also providing moderate fuel consumption. The usual "parallel" redans with their flat bottom surface are sometimes associated with a hard splashdown when running on a wave, while the" oblique " redans / Petestep deflectors, on the contrary, soften slamming, reducing the impact force by up to 50%.​The shipyard is confident that the expansion of the X-Power motor range will be a gift for discerning yachtsmen.​