Why do I need this service? - so in fact my assistant or my captain can cope with the management of my yacht ... Why do I need additional costs? "

This is exactly how the shipowners are in the conditions and sometimes they are somewhat right, but it is important to understand that the correctness of the performance of management functions is proportional to the size of the yacht, that is, the larger the yacht, the more complex and voluminous the process of managing it and not always the resources of the back office of the shipowner and the captain's qualifications allow for professional and, especially, recently, risk-free operation management, with mandatory conditions for optimizing costs in the process of operating activities.

From global practice, professional management becomes relevant already in the amount of "30 m +" and is necessary in the amount of "40 m +".



What are the functions of collateral management company Premium Yachts:

  • Financial control. Budgeting (annual and monthly). Control and optimization of expenses, payment of bills. Preparation of financial reports for the ship owner on a regular basis.

  • Yacht Class Support.

  • Yacht Flag (registration) support.

  • Organization of annual, routine and emergency service works.

  • Maintenance of the shipyard's warranty obligations for new yachts.

  • Recruitment.

  • Selection of parking places.

  • Insurance.

  • Drawing up navigation programs for owners.

  • Advising ship owners on the current rules and regulations within the competence of the company;

  • And much more…


The Premium Yachts has been working in the segment of yachts and super-yachts management since 2008, and during this time, many schemes have been thoroughly worked out for the smooth finding of yachts in Europe. In light of the fact that the fiscal authorities of the Mediterranean basin often show particular zeal to check ships belonging to Russian-speaking shipowners.

Who else, if not we, better understand the features of "our" mentality? :) - that is why the competencies of our company are in great demand, especially among "our" clients.

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