Consulting is as much an integral part of the process of "buying a yacht" or "selling a yacht", as well as the process of selecting a crew, finding a berth and much more.

The world does not stand still and the world of yachting is no exception. In the context of the constantly changing “rules of the game”, almost exclusively in the direction of tightening, shipowners inevitably have to adapt to the new rules.

It is important to understand that innovations and legislative acts of the country where the vessel is based can bring surprises, sometimes not very pleasant ones.

"He who is forewarned is armed."



Based on 16 years of experience both in Europe (most cases) and in Russia, the specialists of our company will help you answer a number of fundamental questions that arise in the process of preparing for the purchase or when selling your yacht:

  • How risk-free to buy or sell a yacht (passing the KYC procedure, due diligence, cash flow, contractual basis)

  • What is the most secure ship ownership scheme from a legal point of view?

  • Tax optimization of ownership

  • Financial optimization of ownership

  • Financing and leasing (ship under construction / new yacht available / brokerage)

  • How to use: private or commercial use? As an example: you only want to charter your boat from time to time. What should you do in this case?

  • Registration (registration): selection of the most "convenient" flag, taking into account the existing tasks and conditions

  • Insurance based on the type of vessel and its use (what is mandatory and what is not)

  • Transportation by road or sea

  • Team (recruiting, insurance, employment contracts / risks / alternatives)

  • Parking place: where and for how long?



We are ready to provide you with exhaustive answers to these and many other questions based on our considerable experience so that ownership of a yacht will bring you extremely positive emotions.

Drawing up trouble-free ship ownership schemes is literally our daily practice, we will take care of this.

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