Elvstrøm Sails presented two new sail models

World renowned sail manufacturer, company Elvstrøm Sails, this week presented two new items at once:

Firstly, the company has launched a new version of one of the most popular models - Code Zero sails without anti-torsion cable. Compared to traditional Code Zero sail construction, this model can operate effectively on a much wider range of courses. In addition, the sail has become much easier to set up and clean, now it can be folded much more compactly. It is also easier to control when changing tacks.

This sail will be available in three variations:

  1. Cruising Cable-free Code

Tri-optimal fit, polyester fabric, ripstop, heavy-duty EPEX foreleg.

  1. Cable-Free Code Zero With EPEX Luff

Tri-optimal fit, light Code 0 laminate, heavy-duty EPEX luff.

  1. EPEX Cable-free Code Zero

EPEX technology, lightweight linen and strong Tecnora fibers keep the sail in shape.

The second release from Elvstrøm Sails became the mainsail FATFURL XL Mainsail. This is a unique concept - optimal shape and maximum surface area along with all the benefits of a swirling sails.

Mainsail with a twist into the mast "with a wide top - fat head". The upper third of the sail is wider, so it opens more and twists a lot easier, which adds speed to the yacht. Through vertical battens and intermediate short battens create the correct shape of the mainsail (and in the case of a reefed mainsail).


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Publication date: April 21, 2020.

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